Do Best What People Need Most

To do best what people need most is in part a call to service orientation and in part a pathway to effective service. While different people have different needs, there are certain needs that are universal: people need respect; people need to be heard; people need justice; people need opportunity; people need relationship. While different professions have different training, all professions can offer respect, listening, fairness, opportunity and relationship. Do best what people need most. See the need. Meet the need. Eyes wide open. Despite personal cost.

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Mission and Guiding Principles: Learn about the mission and guiding principles that provide the academic and programmatic foundation for the MPH Program.

Program Goals: Learn about the academic, research, and service goals that guide our MPH faculty and staff.

Program Leadership: Meet the faculty and staff responsible for academic and programmatic oversight of the MPH Program. The Management Team is responsible for decision making necessary for problem solving, day to day management of the MPH program and serves in an advisory capacity on issues of policy to faculty and students.

from the director

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Authentic public health demands a broader, more inclusive viewpoint. It's not about you. If we set aside self-consciousness and self-promotion; if we reject credit grabbing; our ability to demonstrate true brilliance and generosity of spirit may flourish. After all, we are all something, but none of us is everything. The problems are us problems; the solutions are us solutions; the benefits accrued from improved public health belong to us all.