The Case MPH Program has a two-year curriculum requiring 42 credit hours. Eighteen credits are accumulated in six core required courses, representing the fundamental domains of public health: biostatistics, epidemiology, environmental health sciences, health services administration, public health history and social and behavioral sciences. Students receive nine credits for three courses in the major of their choice, three credits for an elective course, and nine credits for the “Capstone Experience,” a public health field practicum encompassing one semester of the MPH program. Three more credits are earned through the MPH seminar program, a two-semester sequence including journal club activities. Previous experience or education pertaining to public health may increase the student’s flexibility in course selection. Students may also enroll part-time and take courses over a three to five year period.

CORE CURRICULUM - 27 credits
MPHP 405: Statistical Methods in Public Health**
MPHP 406: History & Philosophy of Public Health
MPHP 411: Introducton to Behavioral Health
MPHP 429: Environmental Health
MPHP 439: Health Management & Policy
MPHP 483: Introduction to Epidemiology for Public Health Practice
Culminating Experience:
MPHP 650: Public Health Practicum (3 credits)
MPHP 652: Capstone (6 credits)

MAJORS - 9 credits
(choose one major; 9 credits to be taken in each major)
Population Health Research
Global Health
Health Policy & Management
Health Promotion & Disease Prevention

FREE ELECTIVE - 6 credits

SEMINAR - 0 credits
MPHP 506: Future of Public Health (no credit)
MPHP 507: Building a Public Health Project (no credit)

**(students in the Population Health Research track may take MPHP 431: Statistical Methods I in place of MPHP 405)