Program Goals

Too many interventions are implemented to demonstrate the brilliance and social correctness of those framing the intervention. If we set aside self-consciousness and reject credit grabbing, our ability to demonstrate true brilliance and generosity of spirit may flourish. Too many interventions are framed to save “those people” from themselves. Too often we do not acknowledge that it is perhaps not poverty that is the root of so many social and health problems, but greed. The poverty belongs to them. The greed belongs to us. There are no authentic solutions that can be framed without recognizing our own role in the genesis of the problem. The interrelatedness of survival is a necessary insight of authentic public health. The problems are us problems; the solutions are us solutions; the benefits accrued from effective intervention belong to us all. Our program education, research, and service goals guide “Us” in all that we do:

Education Goals

  1. Provide a dynamic, collaborative, supportive environment for learning and professional development.
  2. Teach students to assess the needs, strengths and resources of diverse communities and to develop collaborative solutions to identified health needs.
  3. Prepare students for successful professional careers in public health practice or pursuit of advanced professional/academic degrees.

Research Goals

  1. Provide all public health students with an opportunity for supervised involvement, comprehension and conduct of meaningful public health research.
  2. Conduct basic and applied interdisciplinary research that contributes to the identification, management and resolution of public health problems.

Service Goals

  1. Facilitate collaborations between CWRU, community organizations, governmental health agencies, foundations and the private sector with the intent of improving the health of the public.