Innovations Conference

The Capstone Experience is the centerpiece of the CWRU MPH Program. The experience gives students the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired through their academic coursework to a problem involving the health of the community. The Innovations in Population Health Conference is an opportunity for graduating MPH students to showcase the results of their work.

There will be two Innovations Conferences per academic year, one in the fall and one in the spring. Each will take place on the Monday of the second to last week of classes (barring any conflict in the fall with the Thanksgiving holiday week). While the fall Innovations Conference will generally be a half day event (due to the smaller number of students graduating at that time), the spring Innovations Conference will be at least a full day event (sometimes two days), possibly with concurrent sessions. Each Innovations Conference will also have a keynote speaker who will discuss a topic relevant and current to the field of public health. Anyone is welcome and invited to attend the Innovations Conferences, including CWRU faculty, staff, and students, family and friends of presenting MPH students, public health practitioners, and other community members. Presenting MPH students are expected to invite all members of their Capstone Committee to their presentation.*

Presenting students will also have the opportunity to practice their presentations in front of MPH faculty/staff/students during a time approximately one week before the Innovations Conference. Students should plan on having a draft of their presentation done before this time and be prepared to attend this practice session.

There are some important deadlines around the Innovations Conference for graduating MPH students:

  • No later than two weeks prior to the Innovations Conference: Presenting students should turn in completed drafts of their Capstone Essay to all Committee members for review and suggestions.
  • No later than one week prior to the Innovations Conference: Capstone Committee members should provide feedback and suggestions for revisions to the student on the draft of the Capstone Essay.
  • On the day of the Innovations Conference: Presenting students should turn in final copies of their Capstone Essay to all members of their Capstone Committee. Students should also provide all Committee members with both essay and presentation evaluation forms (available in the Capstone Kit).
  • No later than the Friday after the Innovations Conference: Graduating students are responsible for turning in the following items to the MPH Office: electronic copy of their final Capstone Essay, electronic copy of their Capstone Presentation (e.g. PowerPoint slides), essay evaluation forms from all Committee members, and presentation evaluation forms from all Committee members. Without these items, the MPH Office cannot certify a student to graduate.

For more details on the Capstone Experience, please see the Capstone Kit.

*It should be noted that students graduating during the summer session will be expected to present their Capstone Project during the summer session to Committee members as well as at the fall Innovations Conference.