Through a dynamic program of education, research and service, it is the mission of the CWRU MPH program to prepare graduates to develop, implement and evaluate authentic solutions to community health problems and promote and protect the health of diverse populations. We seek to accomplish this mission through commitment to interdisciplinary and collaborative learning, by supporting students through a field-based capstone project, and by recognizing that the most effective public health outcomes occur through the development of relationships over time.

Guiding Principles

Public Health Education, Research and Service are optimized through:

  1. A comprehensive curriculum built on a foundation of traditional and emerging public health theory, rich in fundamental content and fulfilled through service-based scholarship
            - Well-qualified faculty, with numerous service opportunities

  2. Dynamic, innovative, and transformative experience
            - Nine-credit Culminating Experience consisting of a field practicum and capstone research project
            - Diverse student body
            - Flexible curriculum that adapts to changes in public health priorities and knowledge
            - 11 dual degree opportunities

  3. Faculty and staff accessibility and responsiveness
            - Student feedback opportunities
            - Office hours

  4. Enhancing critical thinking and solution-finding capacity
            - Emphasis on research opportunities to apply public health concepts
            - Situation and context based assignments and projects
            - Emphasis on public health current events and controversies

  5. Exposure to diverse and multidisciplinary collaborators
            - Eleven dual-degree offerings
            - Relationships with health research centers on campus
            - Broad and deep community relationships

  6. Appreciative understanding of the value of health equity, social action, and ethical conduct
            - Core courses and seminars
            - Elective courses, particularly Health Disparities
            - Strong relationship with Department of Bioethics and CWRU Social Justice Institute

  7. The conviction that the most effective public health outcomes occur through the development of relationships over time
            - Long-standing relationships with local health departments and non-profit organizations dedicated to public health
            - Depth-oriented capstone project